Brewery Beer In

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Valeria Prosperi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Brewery Beer In
Location: Milano, Italy
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Polypropylene labels

Beer In is a small brewery near Biella, Italy. In order to participate in important beer fair, they needed a study of the whole brand image, starting from the logo, defining the typographic characters to use and the chromatic treatment or each of their products. Decided, in collaboration with the brewers, each product’s representative characters and their names (in dialect, to underline the bond with the region and realizing an illustration for each of the characters.

After the design of the bottle labels (375ml & 750ml), I prepared all the materials to promote the brewery: a brochure with the brewery’s main contacts and a detailed description of every product, business cards, t-shirts, and banners for the fair booth.

All the characters are simple and stylized illustrations in 3 colors. Made with graphic pen in Adobe Illustrator starting from hand drawn pen sketches. The drawings represent different animals/characters connected with each beer. Each illustration provide a strong personality to its corresponding beer. In the labels, the illustration is positioned in a circle on top of a triangle; the beer name and a small definition of its style is close to such illustration.

Each and every beer has a name in the local dialect from Biella, a small town in Alps mountains where the brewery is located, because the brewery has a strong connection with the land (it was a family firm from 2007 to 2015, but now they’re expanding to a more national and international dimension). In labels and other materials, each character has a dominant color on a background color, with a strong contrast, and the background is related with the beer typology and color (for example, Peru Pistun is a Hefe Wizen, a yellow colored very light beer, its label is yellow; Babi is a dark strong belgian ale and its label is on red background, Creamin’Ale is a robust porter and its background color is black, and so on). The three IPA are a trilogy so they have the same background color, but the animals represented and main color are different.

What’s Unique?
Each illustration give a strong personality to its beer. There’s the bat, the dragonfly, the frog, the criminal, the tawny owl, the fortune teller, the pissing cow, the donkey and the wolf den. The illustration is essential to identify each different beer, considering that they have 9 different typology. It’s really easy to remember the beer personality and flavor features by associating them to their corresponding animal. This, along with the use of bright colors, help to stand up.