Everest Light Bulb (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Neha G Prabhakar
Project Type: Student Project
School: MIT Institute of Design,Pune
Course: Product design, Packaging design
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Light bulb
Packaging Materials: Softboard paper

Paper waste makes up about 25% of household waste and it cannot be recycled indefinitely. Research shows that major portion of this paper waste is from product package. When it comes to repurposing, paper waste is a tried and true DIY go-to. Whether turning paper into a toys or using it to masquerade as dust cover, there are various ways of turning paper to usage.

My inspiration comes from my complementary interests in design and recycling I have designed a package for light bulb which uses everyday paper waste.

Light travels in the form of rays forms the motivation behind my design. I have chosen light bulb as subject because in spite of being an essential part of our life where everyone needs it but not many give the importance it deserves.

What’s Unique?
The most critical and fragile part of an early light bulb is the filament structure. The package is carefully designed with this in mind. The non-traditional design clearly acts as a cushion against shocks to protect the bulb. The design subsumes sharp edges at obtuse angles distributing force of a shock over a larger area. This also resembles a light ray reflecting off a surface.

The packaging incorporates many miniature cuts for the purpose of secondary usage such as lamp shade, clips holder, and earrings holder. Thus, the design is versatile with various uses.