WEARIT (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Marios Balaskas
Photographer: Nancy Tsitlaidi
School: Middlesex University (AKTO)
Course: BA Graphic Design
Tutor: Artemis Roussos
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Clothes
Packaging Materials: Paper

Wearit is a Greek company which designs clothes for men and sells worldwide. Wearit’s goal is to create modern clothes with minimal style and elegant, since it addresses to young people through its shop and its website. The final brand name was the WEARIT. Direct and with no excesses it givesus the impression that is talking about a fashion brand. Design could be directed more freely to give the concept result. The “ W” in conjuction with “braids” clothes was the inspiration for the final result of the logo and in this way the final brand was made.

In contrast with the logo the font that was selected is more special to be able to work individually and to be easily understood.

A particularity of the logo that makes the font more recognizable is the opposite “a” which works as an ”e”. Afterwards there are all the design suggestions of the logo and all the applications that were necessary.

The printed material of the company was a very important subject as we have to promote our collection in a way that

all their details would be obvious. Look was designed with minimal way so as to fit to the style of clothes. In the context of promoting the new summer collection #SUMMERIT was created. #SUMMERIT is the name if the summer event that came up from the brand name. Simple to name, we immediately give basis to summer element and this it becomes clear that we refer to the summer collection of the company. It was given great importance and this is why we created a new logo. Inspiration for the logo was the sea and the lights colours of summer. All the fits depends on specific colours and on the minimal designs (like the design of the sea on the logo). The designs of the clothes mainly addressed to young. With the end of the project, we managed to create a business identity from the scratch. Target of the work is to understand the importance of the business identity and deepen to this but also to the design piece.

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