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Creative Agency: Peter Schmidt Group
Design Director: Dennis Dominguez
Senior Designer: Aurelio Escuredo
Designer: Juliana Fischer
Head of Production: Tobias Gagelmann
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Wine

Six friends had acquired a vineyard and wished to create a reputation for excellent wines with distinctive character, yet first they needed to explore different wine growing regions around the world to find inspiration and discover new trends. In short, they undertook what is known in trend scouting as “Cool Hunting” and a perfect name for their new wine label was born almost instinctively, for the six friends had become “Winehunters”. An analogy to hunting typically comes to mind when referring to winehunters and so it was natural for a stylised target to be developed as a key element of the brand’s corporate design, for it symbolises the accurate pursuit of perfection, while individualised logo colours increase the brand’s overall flexibility across diverse media applications.

The wines themselves equally embrace the hunting theme: The Pinot Noir is an ideal accompaniment to red meat and is robustly called “The Hunter” while the white Pinot Gris is a perfect companion to seafood and so bears the name “The Fisherman”. Each grape variety is represented by an intuitively understandable image that cleverly illustrates both the name and provenance of the wine.

“Winehunters” has been awarded with the Red Dot Award Communication Design 2016.