Ron Viejo de Caldas Rebranding

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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Hello Design Group SAS
CEO: Juan Carlos Azuero
Art director: Juan David Guzmán Guerrero
Client: Industria Licorera de Caldas
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Project Type: Commercial Work

Ron Viejo de Caldas, is one of the most recognized brands of rum in Colombia, both for its taste and its quality, but low differentiation versus its direct competition in terms of image.

Under the concept of Quality and Tradition this challenge was transformed in an ambitious quest to freshen up a dull and lifeless by a fresh and contemporary image image without losing tradition.
The response, Ron renovated but with the characteristics of those who know Ron, a brand that poses a differentiation strategy and communicates its values ​​to the consumer.

Objective of the project
Renew the visual identity labels Ron Viejo de Caldas, making them more modern and attractive.

Create a brand architecture and labels that define the different product lines with a powerful visual code.

Clearly convey the values ​​and attributes associated with the brand and its products through the new image.

Respect the heritage of the brand, its visual language.

“Working with Hello, it was a very rewarding and highly relevant to Ron Viejo de Caldas experience, because with his great professionalism and knowledge we were directed to present a winning and globally competitive image in the liquor market and specifically rums. today the brand has been strengthened and has been widely accepted by consumers with the new image. the sales results corroborate the statement and positioning. “