Nuts and Peanuts (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Ayala Tal
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shenkar
Course: Package design- Visual communivation
Tutor: Tamar Mani
Location: Tel Aviv
Packaging Contents: Nuts, peanuts, food, animals, lasercut
Packaging Materials: Paper

Nuts and peanuts Packages by Ayala tal- Visual communication student in Shenkar, Israel- part of an assignment for “package design” course, 2nd year in Shenkar, Israel (Under the guidance of lecturer and designer- Tamar Mani).

The packages are made by papers with laser cut technique, shaped in 4 different geometric animals : Giraffe, Lion, Monkey and an Elephant, and contains different amounts of food.

What’s Unique?
The packages are shaped with geometric shapes of animals, and contain different amount of nuts and peanuts (in wide and thin measures), according to their animals. for example the giraffe package is taller than the lion’s package. The inspiration to the color palette and the ״see through״ holes that created is from the Fashion world and African dresses design.