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Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Seven Comunicação
Designer: Thiago Ranielli
Photography/Retouching: Panka Studio
3D Mockup: Z-Axis Stuio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: DMuller
Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Potato Sticks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Metallic BOPP
Printing Process: Flexography

Kifritas is a well known straw potato in southern Brazil. Very consumed in the local market, the product has a good quality, but the packaging always presented less than this quality. The new proposal solved the apathy and the little expressiveness of the front, giving it appetite appeal. The brand remodeled and crafted to be friendly and feminine.

To prove that the new proposal was intended to evidence appetite appeal, the expression “now yes!”, an interjection widely used in Brazil was added to signal satisfaction leaving something much better. In the kitchen, the expression means that a finishing touch was added to make a dish much tastier.

What’s Unique?
Breaking the pattern of competitors in its category and audience range, Kifritas innovates with good images of consumerism, stirring up the appetite appeal, and suggesting different ways to consume the product, encouraging consumers to develop their own recipes.