skitpok (Student Project)



Designer: Ridan Arellano
Project Type: Student Project
School: Laguna College of Art and Design
Course: Packaging Design
Tutor: Dana Herkelrath
Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Packaging Contents: Emergency Toilet Kit, Poop Bag, Antibacterial Wipes, Hand Sanitizer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

Iceland’s tourism has reached great popularity with travelers and the island country’s facilities could not keep up with its demands. As a result, people have been exploring Iceland irresponsibly with careless bathroom trips in the open nature. Although fecal matter is common in the wild, high human traffic and concentration is bad for the ecosystem and should be managed. Skitpok is an emergency toilet kit made to address this problem, but can also be applied to any place travelers and campers go. Skitpok would be distributed at the airport when travelers arrive.

Icelandic is a very old language and its people had a straightforward way of naming their places by simply describing them. For example, their capital Reykjavik translates to “Smokey Bay” because its first settlers observed a lot of steam and smoke coming from the natural hot springs. Skitpok follows this naming convention—it translates to poop bag.

Skitpok’s color identity and system reflects Iceland’s natural environment. The two main brand colors reference Iceland’s volcanic nature and icy climate, while the secondary colors reflect other natural features found around Iceland. Skitpok’s brand mark and pattern reflects the products function as a container.

What’s Unique?
The tongue-in-cheek and humorous approach to a serious problem makes this concept fun and attention-grabbing.