Creative Agency: Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP
Partner: Adrian Whitefoord
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Healthy Sales Group
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Fermented Drink
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium can
Printing Process: Flexography

Pemberton & Whitefoord LLP was engaged by brand house, Healthy Sales Group, to create the branding for a range of “curiously crafted” soft drinks.

Based on a formula concocted by Hippocrates in 400BC, Switchle is a healthy, refreshing soft drink formulated with apple cider vinegar and maple syrup together with other healthy and invigorating goodies. It was consumed by colonial farmers and has since become a favourite with many health-conscious Americans. However, up until this point it has had very little recognition outside the US.

HSG believes UK consumers will embrace Switchle, not only as a functional organic health tonic, but also an adult leisure drink that offers a novel alternative to alcoholic beverages and conventional sugary soft drinks. The range consists of three complex and challenging flavours, created using the finest organic ingredients.

What’s Unique?
P&W’s branding solution for the products highly distinctive taste profiles was to create a uniquely ownable identity that tapped into the 17th century farming connection. Key to the success of the design is the encapsulation of British eccentricity via the use of illustration, decorative typography and quirky Olde English phrases. ‘Crum-a-grackle’, for example, means: “any awkward or difficult situation”; naturally, this is illustrated by a farmer unfortunately positioned under the posterior of a complacent cow!

The design features a central ‘S’ roundel which has become a versatile, transferable brand mark, also employed for promotional material. The 250ml slim cans are printed in matt cream with flecks of metallic colours that enhance selected details.

The overall result is a “curiously crafted” design that represents an intriguing tipple, guaranteed to make the taste buds tingle.