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Derrick Lin


Design: Rita Rosmaninho
Project Type: Student Project
School: Bau, Centro Universitario Diseño de Barcelona
Course: Branding & Packaging design
Tutor: Carlos Bermudez y Carlos Galan
Location: Barcelona
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottles
Printing Process: Matte Coating, Screen Printing

Branding and packaging design proposal for a three wine set of under the sea aged wine.

Silenci, comes from the catalan term for silence and was given through the project concept – The silence of the depth – that enforces the idea of the sensorial experience of being under water. This 3 wines – Red, Wine and Rosé are aged under water (20meters above sea level) for over an year and even though there are some wine brands doing this type aging, Silenci is a catalan wine that ages on the mediterranean sea at the Natural Parc of Cap de Creus, Catalunya.

The major target for this wine are sommeliers and haute cuisine chefs, and were developed thinking in this premium target and mindset matching the uniqueness of this wine. This project was developed during Branding & Packaging Design Master @ Bau, Barcelona.

What’s Unique?
Every bottle of Silenci would be coated matte, screen printed in silver, personalized by hand with it’s serial number (special editions os 1500 bottles) and closed with sealing wax in the blue that corresponds at it’s intensity (darker to lighter). This packaging assumes the concept project of Silence with all of the choices we made for it. The naming, typographic choice, layouts, photography give the consumer this sense of silence, depth and uniqueness.