Triumph Award Packaging

Derrick Lin


Agency: Mindprizm Creative Studio
Illustrator/Art Director/Designer: Michael Dockery
Project Type: Produced
Client: Associated Electric Cooperative
Location: Springfield, MO, USA
Packaging Contents: Road journal
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing with double-tap gloss

The Triumph award is only given to the best and brightest at Associated Electric Cooperative who have worked on a task of significant importance. We had the honor of designing the award and everything included inside. This multifunctional piece needed to not only operate as an award itself that a recipient would be proud to display, but also house swag and a booklet that recounts the specific endeavor.

The box is a custom dieline that reveals a story as the recipient opens it, increasing anticipation as they do so before revealing the goods inside. Further, the box is designed to fold back on itself and create a display for the booklet.

What’s Unique?
The award is designed in an industrial, art-deco style which visually ties back to a golden age in the energy sector. In addition, we chose to do a “double-tap” of spot gloss to give the piece an almost stained glass appearance.

The shape is custom and was designed to reveal a story as it is unfolded as well as be able to fold back on itself to display inverted.