Design: Andrew Son
Location: USA
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Vinegar

Premium Vinegar Brand ‘Sangcho’ Brand Identity & Packaging Development

Sangcho, which consists of five kinds of apple, persimmon, brown rice, pomegranate and pineapple, is made of 100% raw vinegar that combines Sangcho’s scientific technology with traditional fermentation technology. By applying raw crushing method to grind and ferment raw fruits and grains as they are, they realized the quality while maintaining the taste, fermentation bacteria and nutrients of vinegar. Existing fermented vinegar was mostly made of transparent and clear formulations by fermenting acetic acid in alcohol. Sangcho, on the other hand, is fermented with pure raw material itself, which is characterized by its dark color and turbidity.

Raw fruits and grains that are not sterilized show large amounts of sediments and suspended solids during fermentation. At this time, abundant ‘MOTHER’, which is beneficial to health, such as acetic acid and organic acid, is produced, and the rich and thick Sangcho is completed. We have developed a brand that can intuitively show consumers with the unique identity of 100% fermented raw materials.