Agency: #TO_C design
Package Design: BC Huang
Product design: Adam Jiang、楊 滄濃 TN Yang
Coordinator: Adam Jiang
Location: Taiwan
Packaging Content: Tea

Tea Drinking is a representative Eastern culture and tea sets are closely related to life. “Piggy the Perfect” travel tea set continues the essence of tradition into modern life and integrate the function and shape of the traditional tea set. The compact storage design of integrated tea cups and the teapot enhances the portability of the product. So, people can enjoy tea at any time and share happy hours with others.

Inspired by the plump shape of pigs, “Piggy the Perfect” travel tea set, as a gift for festivals, is endowed with the blessing of harvest and abundance.

The concept of packaging is extended by the “Piggy the Perfect” travel tea set, which is full and round, with tea as the center and weaving life with memories.