The Naked Lunch Box – Ready Meal-plan Packaging

Derrick Lin


Designer: Denise Lau
Location: Malaysia
School: The One Academy
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor /Lecturer / Teacher: Deanie Cham
Packaging Contents: Meal box, juice, snacks
Packaging Substrate / Material: Paper, Fallaleaf-Dinnerware, Bio-degradable plastic bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

The idea of this project is to develop a set of ready-meal packaging, in delivery status, which can make food delivery more convenient and also teaching consumers the knowledge of “Healthy Eating” at the same time. Meal box is a big mess when it’s being delivered in plastic bags eg: food and drinks spilling, unstable plastic bags (when holding meal boxes). This project aims to create an easy packaging that can fit all-in-one handle and can be carried effortlessly.

What’s Unique?
The structure of the packaging makes delivery more convenient, accessible and it is eco-friendly.