Veggie Blast

Derrick Lin


Designer: Daniela Cozzolino
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Italy
School: Università degli Studi Gabriele D’Annunzio Chieti-Pescara
Course: Design
Packaging Contents: Seaweed chips – Superfruits
Packaging Substrate / Material: Embossed paper
Printing Process: Digital printing, laser cutting

Veggieblast: Development of a superfood multipack snack packaging

Veggieblast (literally: explosion of vegetables), is a food packaging tailor-made for consumers. The product category concerned is superfoods: healthy and polyfunctional foods with a high density of nutrients. The target is smart consumers, whom take care of themselves and pay attention to the quality and sustainability of products. Starting from these considerations, Veggieblast was born, its purpose to minimize visual impact in favor of a slow tasting, guiding consumers through a fast and universal communication, based on icons and comparisons with already established food products.

The packaging shows a very versatile form, with a tear-open slot that follows the central lines of its triangular shape with blunted angles. The packaging is characterized by three slots containing different products, which will be offered to consumers at a more convenient price than the single-slot ones normally used for these foods. Each slot contains a different snack: algae chips, prepared and flavored with their own recipe, and exotic fruits naturally dried.

Every slot also includes a protective sealing in order to avoid the mixing of a product with another one of the packaging. Its size is thought for being suitable for every situation, and, once opened, for being held in just one hand. The texture reprise the main structure of the promoted product, shows illustrations of sustainability-oriented organic shapes, underlining the naturalness of the product. Each aspect contributes to send a clear message: you are not simply buying something, you are making a precise lifestyle choice.