Derrick Lin


Agency: Interbrand São Paulo
Designer: Carlos
Designer: Mila Kodaira
Designer: Fabio Santana
Designer: Leandro Strobel
Brand Strategy: Ivo Costa
Brand Strategy: Daniela Klepacz
Writer: Pedro Kastelic
Writer: Giovanna Marques
Rollout: José Rago
Photography: Sheila Oliveira (Empório Fotográfico)
Location: Brazil
Project Type: Produced
Client: Cargill
Product Launch Location: Brazil
Packaging Contents: Tomato sauce
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

People are deficient in nature. City life took people away from the countryside, from the origin and preparation of food. Pomarola wants to shorten this distance by taking, from the farm to the city, a natural, practical and tasty product.

We updated the language of one of the most popular tomato sauce brands in Brazil, at a time when the brand’s product portfolio was also undergoing a renovation. All product lines gained new recipes with products without preservatives, with a reduction in the amount of salt, use of the most preferred spices by consumers and simple ingredients. This without giving up practicality in quick preparation and pleasure in flavor.

Interbrand developed a new brand platform that unfolded in a new verbal, visual language and a redesign of its product portfolio.

The visual identity of the new brand is inspired by the explosion of flavors of natural ingredients and explores the idea that foods that come straight from the farm have much more sensations, colors and textures. This is materialized in the visual language through rustic letters, earthy tones, hand-finished illustrations and irregular shapes.

Finally, the product lines were also reformulated, being now organized into three: Traditional, Flavors and Chef. Each responds to a consumption motivation and is represented with an exclusive photographic style that values ​​the natural details of the ingredients and the flavor of the dish. Traditional sauce offers practicality for everyday meals. The Flavors line offers ready-made recipes, ranging from basil to bolognese, and Chef, made up of premium products and selected ingredients, for special moments of involvement with the kitchen.