Soakin Natural Salts



Design: Toby Marsh Creative
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Soakin
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Natural Bath Salts, Bath and Beauty
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Reusable Plastic Sealed Pouch
Printing Process: Screen printing

Soakin are a British brand who specialise in ethically sourcing only the highest quality, 100% pure natural salts. The production and sourcing process is carefully managed to ensure everything meets the highest standards both socially and environmentally. Soakin asked us to show that they’re doing that not only with simple, natural products, but a brand that resonates with a market of people who care about the planet and reducing waste without compromising on design and quality.

We built a brand defined by its use of texture and pattern. Solid colour salt crystal designs splash across the semi-opaque packs, grounded by the crisp block colour information panels. In this way, the design, product and packaging are all visible and interact to create a striking result. A simple use of colour distinguishes each natural salt and creates a striking impact on-shelf as a range. The packaging can be reused and refilled – we designed endearing language and the iconic ‘hold onto me’ mark to give a voice to the resealable pouches and encourage consumers to reduce waste.

What’s Unique?
Soakin’s graphic minimalism meant they could market to a much larger audience of people, many of whom probably weren’t specifically seeking out all natural products but found it in the clean, striking packaging of Soakin. The packaging is crucial in defining the Soakin brand as the natural, positive bathroom essential for tangible luxury.