Perashki Street Food Bakery in Baku

Derrick Lin


Design: Valiya
Location: Azerbaijan
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Street food

“Perashki” – this is how pirozhki are pronounced in Baku. Manufacturers of the brand reacted to the name of the street bakery with humor, calling it “Perashki”. The bakery sells pirozhki with different fillings, some other flour products and drinks. The bakery is located in the very heart of the city in its historical part – the Old Town. In this work I took into account the brand name, location and policy. Ingredients of pirozhki was inspired me to create the patterns. Baked pirozhki’s colors are in shades of orange. Dough color is close to white. The casual style of the main font suggests that they sell street food here. Secondary font, inspired by the typeface of the typewriter of which newspapers were printed, which is also part of the streets.