Derrick Lin


Design: Mindprizm Creative Studio
Creative Director: Michael Dockery
Copywriter: Shawn Finger
Photographer: Starboard & Port
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Client: McCain Foods USA
Product Launch Location: United States
Packaging Contents: Selling materials, campaign materials, and custom to-go plant-chicken containers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, string, magnetic gatefold
Printing Process: Offset printing

Plants don’t hit. They won’t call you names. Nary a one has even raised its voice in anger. And yet, a lot of people find plants terrifying.

We told them to get over it.

Created with the input of 30,000 consumers, NUGGS are a plant-based chicken-nugget alternative with a bold voice in the Direct-to-Consumer world. The issue was how to translate that bravado into foodservice, where the restaurant’s brand gets dibs on tone.

The “Why Be Chicken” campaign invited patrons to put on their brave pants and order the plant-based nugget, because.

With a tightrope walking direct mail, daredevil merchandise and a custom plant-chicken to-go container, all the elements supported consumers in their leap to overcome fear and let curiosity win.

Launched in both the United States and Canada.

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With in-person sales visits and demonstrations being nearly non-existent given the realities of the world today, it becomes invaluable to send something show-stopping to a potential customer. This was the job-to-be-done for the NUGGS direct mail which utilizes bold brand photography and messaging, a magnetic gatefold cover and a popup tightrope walking nugget to capture attention and present product information.

Custom plant-chicken to-go containers were created as the preferred buzz-worthy method of NUGGS transit to keep them crispy, warm and further establish key brand attributes.

The launch was also supported through “Why Be Chicken” campaign imagery used in both a range of consumer-facing on-premise merchandise (everything from posters and yard signs, to table tents and counter cards, even social post templates) and also employed in communication materials to the operator (emails, sales decks, and sellsheets which were included on the included USB drive and in some cases also included in the kit itself).