Design: Pink Cheese Designs
Location: India
Project Type: Produced
Client: Burgerman
Product Launch Location: India
Packaging Contents: Burgers and Shakes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset Printing

BurgerMan, Chennai’s first and favourite burger brand, was known for it’s iconic Pac-man faced red kiosks which dotted the city in 2006. What started off as small kiosks sprung up to 130+ outlets within 5 years. With over 5 million burgers sold in a span of 8 years across 8 cities, BurgerMan was the most loved excuse for a treat. The brand started off as a college project for its entrepreneur who used the iconic arcade game as the face for his playful and youthful brand.

A decade later, the brand decided to level up, not only in terms of the food they served but also in terms of branding. However, their target audience were still college going millennials and Gen Z-ers who couldn’t afford very expensive meals. Growing up with this iconic brand we wanted to retain it’s playful Pac-man characteristics which made it so distinct in the market and still give it an edge with today’s lingo that would appeal to the younger audience.

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We decided to go for a very clean branding strategy highlighting the game across all branding collaterals. We modified a simple burger graphic to form a Pac-man as the main logo. This Burger/Pac-man was further used as iconography to highlight the various flavours that BurgerMan has to offer. From packaging to wall graphics, our Burger/Pac-man would hungrily gobble various types of ingredients to form a consistent brand language.

The resultant strategy created a lot of hype for the brand: people loved seeing their iconic brand back with the same character but with more refinement. The youth loved it especially cause it was nostalgic to their childhood video games and they could relate to the slang used across the packaging and wall graphics.