Derrick Lin


Designer: Chan Qian Hui
3D Generalist: Sam Mun Hoe
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: Taylor’s University
Tutor: Noranis Ismail
Packaging Contents: First Aid Kit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper board
Printing Process: Digital Printing

First. where medicine meets design.

First. is a first aid kit designed to breakthrough the stereotypes of medical-related designs. By using unconventional colors and design approaches, First. reintroduces medical design in a fashionable manner to appeal to young adults.

Each First. kit includes 4 pre-packaged boxes, each consist of complete medical tools needed for different type of injuries neatly categorized for the users. Every First. kit also comes with an infographic manual which illustrates the sign & symptoms and step-by-step treatment for different injuries. The designs are minimal and clean to provide a smooth and quick reading experience for users during emergencies. The flexible box structure of First. also allows customization where customers can choose from 4 different colors including their choice pre-packaged boxes to craft their very own first aid kit.

What distinguishes First. from a common first aid kit is the use of art direction and the concept of pre-packing the medical tools. The art direction steers away from the stereotypical red and white color in medical-related designs while introducing a variety of vibrant colors which are equally attention-grabbing. The minimal illustrations keep the layout of infographics and packaging clean and easy to the eyes. The infographics not just act as a guide for users but also greatly reduce the time users need to take in the information during emergencies as everything is chunked neatly.

The concept of pre-packing the medical tools also differs from a common first aid kit as users would not have to worry picking the wrong tool to use when accident occurs. Users can simply take out the individual boxes during emergencies instead of carrying the entire kit with them. The flexible box structure of First. also allows customization which is not a feature commonly seen in first aid kits.