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You can see how design reduces confusion, educates the practitioner, speeds up healing, and helps the nurse teach the patient how to use the bandage at home. Caring for their wounds after discharge, and doing it correctly, is as important, and often more important, than what happens in the hospital.

There’s no mistaking what’s inside…not with that picture! The product name is first and foremost, with a bold subtitle identifying it as a wound dressing. Then, short and sweet, the Uses, the Features, the Change Frequency. The type going down the right hand side describes the category (hydrogel, hydrocolloid, alginate).

Flip to the back of the box for even more info on the product, with 3 clear-as-day illustrations making the application as simple as possible. But then, because we know even the best-designed outer package is often discarded as soon as it’s opened or left behind in a storage closet…

Usually the secondary package/box gets left behind in a storage closet and the nurse is only given this inner pouch. We have designed it so it’s all the nurse will need. Every instruction included on the box is here. The nurse can’t miss it, and is walked through the proper application, step-by-step.

Designed by Deborah Adler and Milton Glaser.