Matthew’s Choice

Derrick Lin


Minimal printing on packaging, using only minimal printing for label stickers and no printing on the large packing surfaces, making the whole packaging more recyclable friendly.

Designed by GIDEA GROUP, Taiwan.

Matthew’s Choice is a premium yogurt brand created by Matthew Wang who has had 20 years of dairy experience in Taiwan’s largest food company. Matthew uses only milk and probiotics to make his yogurt, and goes all around Taiwan looking for the best locally grown farm produce (naturally farmed or organically grown) to make a very special preserves that go quite lovely with his pure yogurt. Even though the brand only started in 2010, it has quickly found a big (and growing) following.

Adhering to the “Healthy Sustainable Lifestyle” brand pillars of Matthew’s Choice, the challenge was to make a practical packaging that was as recyclable friendly as possible, while still conveying a sense of “premium” feeling of the brand, there was also a challenge of using a lot of stock containers at first (due to small production during the early phase of the brand), while maintaining an overall unified feeling of the brand, thus several packing rules were created as guidance for the packing series.

Using no adhesive for the boxes and cartons, also making the packaging easier to recycle and eco friendly.

Rock Paper  (70% CaCO2 and 30% PE), the new locally invented material, was used for the (white) gift boxes and single pack labels, the material offers a great alternative from having to use lamentation for refrigerated packaging, and could be recycled as PE or returned to the manufacture (through Matthew’s Choice, and for a future discount) for re-melting and re-production in the spirit of “cradle-to-cradle” manufacturing.

Making a one for all shipping container (for online orders) that would allow all the packaging (gift box, preserve, single pack yogurt, large size yogurt) to fit using a (no adhesive) flexible internal structure and flexible box size. Using only one shipping container allows less packing production and storage space.