Sanitary Napkins (Student Project)

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Designer: Devanshi Shah and Chaitali Chougule
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Pune, India
Packaging Contents: Sanitary Napkins
Packaging Materials: Wax Paper (Paraffin Paper)

The Problems in existing Sanitary Napkins:
Women are embarrassed to carry it in public. It is inconvenient to carry whole pack. Pack once opened cant be closed again. Carrying individual pads is inconvenient. Inner wrapping provided is useless as most users use newspaper to dispose pads. Packaging is not Eco-friendly.

Problem Statement :
“To redesign the packaging of sanitary napkins which is convenient to carry, makes carrying less embarrassing and is comfortable to dispose.”

Solution :
We designed a package that changes appearance after purchase. This package looks like any other food package. Graphics and product info is printed on display sides of the package. It can be inverted and carried home from the market. There is a slit provided on both the sides of package to dispense the pads. 20 Pads can be carried at once. The outer package being made of waxed paper is water resistant and can be stored in the washrooms. Handle is provided for easy carrying. For the disposal of the pads, we made an envelope in which the pads come and can be disposed in the same envelope. There is information as to how to wear the pad and how to dispose it on the flap of the envelope.

What’s Unique?
The packaging can be inverted once purchased from the store which makes carrying it less embarrassing. It has an easy to carry handle. The whole package is made up of waxed brown paper which looks like any other food packet and is Eco-friendly.