Good Persimmon

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Derrick Lin


Design: HOU QI DESIGN (厚启设计
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Xi’an, China
Packaging Contents: Persimmon

Project Overview:
Good persimmon, a brand of original persimmon brand founded in Xi’an, China, which advocates natural creation. It proposes a good persimmon cake, a good product concept, advocates combining traditional craftsmanship, using ingenious craftsmanship, pursuing the essence of natural creation, insisting that all raw materials are collected from Fuping farm orchard, and picking one from the Fuping Dajian persimmon by carefully selecting one. , screening the essence, to provide a high-quality good persimmon for the consumer group who pursues healthy food.

Its raw material collection site is located in Fuping County, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province. It is named as the hometown of China’s famous and excellent economic forest named by the China Forestry Bureau. It is also a world-famous persimmon eugenic area. It is rich in high-quality and excellent Fuping Dajian persimmon every year. At home and abroad, it is well known.

Project focus:
The brand is positioned as a high-end gift. The good persimmon is not only strictly controlled by the quality requirements of the products, but also pays attention to the aesthetic shaping of the packaging form. It is required to be separated from the traditional persimmon packaging visual experience and fit the current product positioning.

In order to meet the product concept of good persimmons, we strive to create this brand temperament in the design, the same rigorous and demanding absorption of raw materials, attention to quality and morphological visual aesthetics, in order to ensure pure natural vision Feeling, the whole package uses the natural color of persimmon as the main color. On the front side, the silhouette of the persimmon is used as the visual center of the whole package.

Around us, we create a beautiful line of graphics, describing the two major solar terms of the persimmon formation – the frost and The winter solstice, the simple lines summarize the sublimation process of good persimmons. At the center of the picture is the ecological landscape of the Fuping ecological farmhouse garden. The bottom is the description of the Fuping Ishikawa River. The simple and concise lines create a poetic brand temperament. At the same time, it tells the story of the brand of good persimmon. In the identification part of the package, we use the form of stamps to emphasize the uniqueness of the product, private customization and specificity. The good product belongs to the pursuit of the best, send the good dried persimmon to you, bring you Good things are good luck.