Nestlé Milo – Back To School 2018 Limited Edition

Derrick Lin


Design: Kats Creative Design & Branding
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Produced
Client: Nestlé Vietnam
Product Launch Location: Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Milk, Cocoa, RTD
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum
Printing Process: Produced

Nestle MILO is one of the market leader in Flavor Milk in Vietnam. currently, RTD as well as PWD SKUs have worked really well in term of sales & build brand identity to MILO target consumer: mom have kid from 6-12 years old.
however, Vietnam has huge amount of millennial & no doubt that this is a potential segment to step in. in 2016, MILO introduced MILO in CAN format – cool & unique SKU for teenagers. up to now, MILO CAN become the 1st choice of Vietnam teenager for sustained energy drinks.

KATS team proud of becoming closely partner in journey build MILO CAN identity. Especially, in 2018, KATS create MILO CAN BACK TO SCHOOL LIMITED EDITION for brand to promote MILO CAN in back to school period.

This limited edition create buzz among Vietnamese teenager for collecting.