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Derrick Lin


Designer: Nital Patel
Lead Creative Direction: Nital Patel
Senior Graphic Designer: Gitte Johansen
Assistant Graphic Designer: Clara Selina Bach
Location: Denmark
Project Type: Produced
Client: Nordic Living
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Lamps, Accessories
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Uncoated Paper (FSC approved)
Printing Process: Offset Lithographic

NORDIC LIVING brings to life iconic products in a sleek and distinctive Nordic impression. The entire collection is a testament to an illustrious credo “form follows function”, designed and crafted for the future. NORDIC LIVING was established in 2019 and is a brand under LIGHT-POINT Copenhagen.

The first products to be introduced into the brands collection are the ARCHI lamps, which are one of the most iconic and recognisable lamps in the world. It embraces the perfect balance of form and function. The lamp has been given a refreshed Nordic look, in sleek colours and bold contrasting details that highlight distinctive functional elements.

The packaging design were one of many elements developed in the brands manual. The tone of voice, photography style, etc. were all designed in keeping with the Nordic spirit and culture.

What’s Unique?
The goal for the packaging design was to attract female buyers as we know that they make or influence 85% of all household purchases. The design takes on resemblance to pack elements from the perfume and cosmetics industry. For example, the white frame around the front of the pack, or the mix use of san-serif and serif texts.

“The vintage-rose colour was carefully selected to appeal to a younger female demographic, however, we can see that it also has a broader appeal.” Says LIGHT-POINT’s Head Designer, Nital Patel