Waitrose Olive Pepper

Derrick Lin


Design: Seyed Sajad Izadi
Location: Iran
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Olive Pepper
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Can, jar
Printing Process: Label offset

Waitrose Company is active in the field of food production and sales and has sales branches in Europe.

In the description of this project, I try to accompany you a little with the challenge that was created for me. Since many of the products sold in Waitrose Company are produced by the same company, I decided to accompany them in this project by presenting a proposal in the field of packaging design for pepper and olive salt.

Designing for the European market is very difficult because it is saturated with quality and diverse products and this is part of the design challenge for this market.

As you know, pepper has its audience and most people who like spicy flavors like to try it with different foods. Spicy olives were also a good option for these people, so it can gain its place among the audience of this store. On the other hand, the company did not put products with this title in its product portfolio, maybe this offer could seem attractive and efficient for them as well.

That’s when I started designing salted peppers with pepper flavor.

Since this company is very old and has a good position among its audience, I tried to instill this sense of antiquity in the product audience with a kind of original, old and classic illustration, so I used a strong and strong color and in I went through two packages of glass and metal to present the product. Usually, the audience of salted olives is interested in seeing and checking the product and its quality, so the glass container could be helpful, but on the other hand, it also had its own problems. Including shipping conditions.

As a result, it had to be placed in metal packages as well, so I was faced with the challenge of finding or missing the product, and I had to use the product image in a clear and recognizable, yet attractive and realistic way for packaging that can help in both packages. And these differences made it a little difficult, but fortunately I got the desired result.

Of course, in the design process, I did not miss the advice and support of my friends and professors.

What’s Unique?
Perhaps it can be said that there is a kind of illustration and a sense of antiquity that in the modern world can distinguish this package among the size of brands.