Design: A.STUDIO branding agency
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Komarova family farm
Product Launch Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Farm procucts, milk, meat, yoghurt, dumplings
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, paper

Can you imagine farming in the far north of Russia? On the edge of the world with a harsh climate and unique nature one family decides to open a farm to provide the small city Magadan with fresh and organic products.

Magadans value those who stayed to live and work in their motherland. Considering this the branding agency A.STUDIO developed the brand you can trust led by a family of local farmers “Komarova”. The foundation for brand positioning was the handcrafted production and personal responsibility of the manufacturer.

The client contacted the agency with the questions “How can we boost our sales?”, “Do Magadans understand the value of our product?”. Talking to consumers, the agency found out that the attitude to the Komarova family farm is very loyal and respectful, but the brand has no reasoning why the buyer needs to overpay for products and how it differs from competitors. In particular, the brand identity and the packaging design could not express it.

The personal responsibility of the family became an argument in favor of the organics and quality of the products. Farmers who can be found on the street have become the brands’ mascots, each can be recognized, for instance, by items of clothing. As an argument for why local products can be expensive, the agency emphasizes handcrafted production on the Komarova farm, and the brand also focuses on the organic ingredients of its own production.

The list of ingredients on the back of the package is in large print, you can check it and you find no chemical additives there. Komarova is not a large corporation, but a family farm. To ensure that there is always trust between the company and customers, the brand speaks directly and on behalf of the family. No small print is used in the design, just because there is nothing to hide.

In contrast to the well-known northern harshness, the brand identity is based on family love and care which you can be observed in illustrations and advertising texts.