AURUM Premium Olive Oil

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Designers: Isaías Rodríguez Torres, Karla Sánchez Salcedo & Georgina Hernández
Project Type: Student Project
School: Elisava Escola de Disenny
Course: Master in Packaging Design
Tutor: Enric Aguilera, Guillem Virgili and Isaac Salom
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
Packaging Materials: Glass, Cardboard, Aluminium, Plastic

We know the importance and love that you have towards your roots thats why our products are made with the care and dedication that they deserve. Our premium olive oil is a jewel that our ancestors left us and is now at your fingertips. This packaging reflects the importance and appreciation to our very best olive oil.

What’s Unique?
The way the oil shines through the shapes that the cut glass reflects on the bottle making a statement of purity and luxury