10 Unique Milk Packaging Design Concepts

Derrick Lin


I’m sure you won’t be able to resist these awesome and unique milk packaging concepts from around the world even if you’re lactose intolerant! These projects will definitely inspire you for your next milk packaging design project, be sure to register/login to your account now to submit your latest packaging projects!


Molocow is a fun concept package for milk. We re-imagined milk bottle and package to appeal to kids. We created a fun way to pack milk in an out-of-this-world fashion.

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MILKME by Ilya Volgin

As for product packaging, I got inspiration from animals, i.e. several packages combined in one module element resemble the shape of cow udder. As a result, we got soft delicate shapes dictated and inspired by nature.

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MILK BOTTLE CONCEPT by Dmitry Patsukevich

The main idea was keep the bottle as simple as possible but add some liveliness.

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MILK STORM by Andrey Plotnikov

The concept of the package: an attempt to move away from the traditional image of milk by showing a simple and succinct solution, which will highlight the brand among its competitors.

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The message of these packages is “The mammals grow up with mother’s milk, you also !”. Our immunity is received from mother’s milk, and nutrient is received from mother’s milk, too….and we grow up. I wish that we can happily learn this fact with a feeling, of gratitude to each mother.

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REAL BANANA MILK by Dongwook Yoon

What if you can drink banana milk like peeling a fresh banana to take a bite? You can wrap off a bottle of banana milk like peeling a real banana. By reflecting the emotion and the memory of peeling a banana, this packing idea can highlight the freshness and sweetness of the banana milk as you take a bit of the real banana.

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Milk Bottle Concept By Dmitry Patsukevich

I wanted to make a bottle for a drink which gives strength. Be stronger than viking, drink milk!

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FOUR CUPS by Stas Bordukov

We often don’t have time to finish the drinks before they spoil, so I decided to design a package with separate, airtight compartments. For example, even ultra-pasteurized milk after opening is stored for no more than two days. For people who use milk rarely and in small quantities, this is a problem. often milk spoils faster than we drink it.

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MAMOLOKO by Alexander Cherkasov

There are situations when it is not possible to breastfeed a baby. For example, in places which are not provided for this purpose, during the trip, when there is a problem of breastfeeding. Mamoloko is a milk formula which is provided for such cases. This milk-based drinkable mixture is an excellent solution for convenient and healthy baby feeding.

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MILK FOR PUNK. FCKNGMLK by Evgeny Kashirin

For those who are still punk in their hearts, but who no longer have a beer…

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