Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss #106

Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the issue of #106. We’ve gathered posts from our website and across our social media pages, including Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest, and selected them according to their post views, social shares, likes, re-tweets, repins and people reached.

From bottles inspired by timeless relics of ancient cultures, to shampoo packaging made of paper, you’ll find something to inspire you for your next design project. So don’t wait – log into your account now and submit your latest projects! With each submission you make, you become part of a larger creative community of designers sharing unique, creative ideas.


KISS BRANDING has taken the Menhirs, timeless relics of ancient cultures, and crafted them into beautiful, modern bottles that stand proud in any shower room. But these bottles aren’t just for looks – they represent something more. They symbolize a reminder that it’s okay to take the time to look after ourselves, to have the strength to set aside our stoic natures and be kinder to ourselves. And if you’re looking for a more eco-friendly way to enjoy this product, try their bar of soap crafted in the iconic shapes of the Menhirs. Whatever you choose, remember to make time to take care of yourself. Don’t always be tough as stones.

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Una Luna’s latest collection of chocolates is truly something special. Each piece of heavenly confection is infused with a unique liqueur blend, carefully encased in a thin sugar casing and then dipped in creamy Italian dark chocolate. With flavors ranging from horseradish tincture and honey to raspberry, orange and cranberry, this collection offers something to tantalize every taste bud.

But it’s not just the delectable flavors that make this collection stand out. The packaging design is inspired by each flavor’s unique energy, represented abstractly through unexpected strokes and brush strokes created by the designer. When you pick up a box of Una Luna’s chocolates, it’ll feel like you’re opening a real work of art – and when you take your first bite, you’ll be able to experience all of its exquisite combinations.

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ABSOLUT VODKA- LIMITED EDITION DESIGN by Danilo Laynes and Jose Villacrez

Danilo Laynes and Jose Villacrez were given the amazing opportunity to develop an exclusive, limited-edition label for Absolut. With this mission, they had to create something that embodied inclusivity and freedom of expression, breaking down stereotypes and bringing diverse cultures together.

For Danilo and Jose, it was important to convey all the experiences, landscapes, gastronomy, and freedoms that the LGBT community could appreciate. They decided to use a palette of colors based on Absolut’s brand to capture just the right feelings their design should evoke.

By understanding different perspectives, connecting with others from all backgrounds, and celebrating diversity, Danilo and Jose created a unique label for Absolut that showcased vibrant colors and stunning imagery. From the wayfarers traversing lands near and far to the spirit of inclusion that weaves these stories together—their work encapsulated the journey of exploration, acceptance, and togetherness.

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Do you want a sustainable and stylish way of washing your hair? Look no further than Snob Duck, who just released their revolutionary solid shampoo in paper packaging. Created by the Greek designer Marios Karystios, this ground-breaking design means you can say goodbye to bulky plastic bottles and hello to eco-friendly paper packaging. Plus, with the added benefit of hair trend forecasts for 2023, you won’t be stuck guessing what styles will be in vogue. Get ready to up your beauty game with Snob Duck’s stand-out solid shampoo!

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The Gran Sasso d’Italia is an iconic mountain range in Italy, loved and celebrated by the people who live around it. It’s terrain is rugged, wild and untameable, but those who call it home know that beneath its tough exterior lies a hidden beauty.

From the rocky limestone cliffs that symbolize the character of this region, to the elegant yet strong design, the label captures the essence of true Italian heritage and quality. The unique print on cotton extra white Arconvert makes this wine label stand out from the competition, with an uncompromising product that shows care and attention to detail.

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This exquisite and captivating label evokes a strong sense of emotion and admiration for the lighthouse keepers who risked their lives in order to protect our coasts. The hand-drawn portrait of the keeper is rendered with incredible detail and grace, demonstrating the hardships they have endured while battling the immense power of the sea. The accompanying illustration of the raging waves perfectly encapsulates the precarious nature of the job. Together, these two mediums create a stunning visual narrative that pays tribute to the courageous individuals who tirelessly preserve our coastlines, safeguarding them from harm.

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The pocket sandwich is a beloved staple in Bulgarian culture, one that has provided many people with countless memories and tasty meals. MARKA COLLECTIVE wanted to honor this culinary icon with a modern design that pays homage to its classic roots. The result was an elegant, retro-inspired packaging with bold colors and captivating graphics that evoke the spirit and nostalgia of this cherished snack. From the vivid illustrations of each pocket contents to the beautiful typefaces used in the naming and labeling, every detail was crafted with care and precision to capture the essence of the pocket sandwich experience. Together, these elements create a design that perfectly encapsulates the magic of this beloved delicacy.

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This Lunar New Year, Beam Suntory has partnered with Leo Burnett Singapore and Beam Suntory to create a stunning special edition packaging that celebrates this momentous occasion. Featuring a beautiful illustration of the whisky, traditional Chinese elements and the dynamism of the Water Rabbit, this design is sure to capture your imagination.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll notice all the classic elements of the whisky: a wave-like backdrop with swells of waves surrounding the iconic distillery, alongside barley, casks and peat smoke. The illustration bursts out from a keyhole to symbolize the gateway into the history and legend of Bowmore’s whisky-making world. The style of the design takes inspiration from traditional brushstrokes of Chinese paintings, adding an air of elegance and fluidity.

Whether you’re celebrating the Lunar New Year or just looking for a way to enjoy the perfect whisky this season, Bowmore’s special edition packaging promises to provide a unique journey through their amazing whisky-making world.

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Nutrinous is a dietary supplements brand with an inspiring mission: to help people reach their highest potential both physically and mentally. Their modern and sleek branding sets them apart from the competition, from their logo – a symmetrical ring of stripes that hints to the immediacy of their products’ action – to the cutting-edge packaging design featuring bio-chemical chains illustrated in a minimal, geometric style.

The vibrant packaging features visual motifs specifically designed to represent each product, making use of a vivid colour palette and curved shapes to soften the technical character of the concept while still maintaining a dynamic feel with the compositions being distinctly clean and symmetrical. These motifs are easily regenerable and highly adaptable, allowing Nutrinous to use them in diverse print and digital applications, as well as future products.

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Football season had arrived, and with it came cooler weather and some of the best tailgating in Texas. But this year, something was different. Spire, Texas’ most-awarded B2B agency, had something special cooking up for their clients and prospects – a unique self-promotional piece called “B2BBQ”.

Packed with two bodacious barbecue sauces, Spire’s B2BBQ aimed to show their clients how they were making B2B more badass through bold creative that could give even the jalapenos a run for their money. B2B was now Bad 2 the Bone thanks to Spire! The direct mail piece was sent out in October, giving clients and prospects a chance to taste the unique flavors of Texan tailgating.

It didn’t take long for Spire’s message to spread far and wide throughout North Texas. Everyone was talking about B2BBQ; the bold and humorous brand-crafted sauce that brought some much-needed spice to the khaki world of business-to-business marketing. After all, where there’s smoke, there’s Spire – the agency born and braised in Dallas.

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